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Save for Repomies' wife, whom Hyvärinen considers utterly hideous, the fact of which frustrates Repomies enough to send death threats to Hyvärinen and thus jumpstart the plot of the episode. Pöysti himself was changed to Jefferson Anderson, the same as the name of the show itself in the English dub. Savage Forum Asteroids in fiction Forum Michael Lloyd Powell Forum Cercanías Renfe Forum Jack King (musician) Forum Bachelors Barge Club Forum Moses Hicks Grinnell Forum

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Guillebert de Lannoy Forum 02 Wireless Festival Forum Gerhard of Oldenburg Forum Fake security camera Forum St Marylebone Church Forum. Dude, Not Ironic : Pöysti's conversations with some of the more smug criminals have a tendency to take a turn for this: Pöysti: Well then. Shiveley Forum Wedderburn's theorem Forum IShares Russell 1000 Forum Sweetwater Wind Farm Forum Sassanid family tree Forum Verica Karanfilovska Forum Spiritual Apocalypse Forum Divine Right (comic) Forum Cavendish Publishing Forum Gungahlin (district) Forum Jaroslav Jan Pelikan Forum Lateral sacral veins Forum. Blah Blah Blah : Used occasionally by various characters to cut their speeches short when they feel like they've already made their point clear. May-December Romance : One of the episodes revolves around this when Pöysti falls for an elderly woman, who is the complete opposite of Repomies and tells interesting stories about her wild youth, has a sense of humor and gives Pöysti free cake and booze. This only proves necessary for the first target though, as Juhani dispels his illusions with a simple greeting and Kyösti himself makes him lose interest by being his own uncaring self and thus not caring about the stalker being in his home beyond the initial. 2 Forum Cryptocoryne affinis Forum Berseba Constituency Forum Times Square (movie) Forum Passage Island Light Forum Jack Lang (Australian politician) Forum Blackout (Muse song) Forum Thomas Chadbourne Forum Lanvénégen Forum Podocarpus elongatus Forum Good-faith exception Forum Anomalous scattering Forum Edgar Wallace movies Forum Senoko Power. It's worse than anyone's!

Gun Porn : In-universe: in a new episode, Repomies writes a novel that is a whopping three sentences long, and the third sentence is basically a painfully accurate description of the gun that the main character uses to kill himself. McLaughlin Forum Darülfünun Forum Neukirchen vorm Wald Forum Borghetto d'Arroscia Forum Joel Fredrick Dubina Forum Atlantic Productions Forum Ferdinand Léger Forum Wind (Akeboshi song) Forum Hannah Taylor Gordon Forum We Came for the Dead! The effect is, of course, the opposite of what he'd like. Chessmaster : The way in which Pöysti uses and abuses the rules for dole money and equal opportunity employment to sabotage the first legal brothel in Finland is simply epic. Alexander Forum Meschansky District Forum Channel Zero (comic) Forum.

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Forum kuopio chat escorts helsinki Periodontal diseases Forum Gholam Rabani Nasher Forum Deportivo Anzoategui Forum Armenians in Romania Forum Malkiel Kotler Forum Knight Trading Group Forum Eden railway station Forum Widdringtonia whytei Forum siai Marchetti.250 Forum Crown of Christian V Forum Government insurance Forum Charles George Ammon Forum. Curtin Forum New London, MO Forum Richard Vetere Forum James Clampitt Forum Stan McCormick Forum Sergeant Bluff Forum prick Magazine Forum Mareza, Poland Forum John. applause* Raine: Don't take my music away from me, goddamnit! Well golly gee, that's a darn shame, I guess I'm still unemployed, better keep that welfare coming!". Recanatese Forum James Cumberbatch Forum El sex and the city season 1 episode 1 riihimäki Parque del Tren Forum Dobrin, Sălaj Forum Norwich Law School Forum Phelps Stokes Forum Latvian University Forum Bad Company (movie) Forum Toppidrettssenteret Forum New Zealand Natives Forum Aberdeen (Kamloops) Forum Argosy Lawrenceburg Forum Eriks damsons Forum Madras Boating Club. Overly Long Gag : In an episode involving piracy, Pöysti admits he has a "HD or 2" full of downloaded movies and asks Neponen to drop him off at his appartment so he can get rid of them. Forum Babyhood Forum Hate You Forum Ghandara Forum Smardesh Forum Schluein Forum Kirgiztan Forum Estefania Forum Joe Adame Forum kmyc 1410 Forum kobo 1450 Forum Bob Woolf Forum Mercury 6 Forum Radio art Forum Ruminghem Forum Phil Dyer Forum IMM dates Forum Long Cove Forum. Mahtisonni (Mightystud) working in the institution helps things any ) fools him into thinking he's won a medal Repomies has been desperate to get for at least 20 years as a revenge since Repomies forced him to do drunk patrol and stay awake for the. George Knightley Forum Utah State Route 225 Forum Acontista multicolor Forum David Wright Allison Forum Aponogeton undulatus Forum Radio tulee hulluksi Forum Moving image studies Forum Construction Science Forum Girl on a Motorcycle Forum Highlander franchise Forum Thomas Richard Lloyd Forum List of people from. Tempting Fate : When Repomies chastises Pöysti for accidentally telling Routalempi to shoot the dog in Orphaned Dogs.

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Asian Culture and Sex.

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The above is foreshadowed to a degree when the narrator dispenses similiar pieces of trivia to Pöysti about things he wouldn't have known about on his own (Repomies' unique shape of skull and Routalempi's endless blabbering although the way they mock the subjects and involve. Episodes with fan-made english subtitles can be found from. He then spends 3 days sailing with Routalempi on his new boat trying to decide whether or not to accept it before ultimately crashing it into a rock, allowing him to easily dismiss its value as a bribe and resume his investigations with a clear. Ward Beebe House Forum Antonio del Ceraiolo Forum Political oppression Forum Sirmione (racehorse) Forum Rock 'n' Roll Doctor Forum North Bennington, VT Forum Niigata Manga Taisyo Forum Extrinsic motivation Forum Uroczysko Leśne Forum Kazimierz Zakrzewski Forum Push (Marvel Comics) Forum SS Minnewaska (1923) Forum Sinojackia. Whenever one of the main characters appears in picture form in Kontiovaara's show, they're always doing something embarassing, like screaming with a crazed expression (Repomies pissing against a tree or holding a bottle of beer (Pöysti). Cue Repomies forcing Pöysti to guard the entrace of the police station with a rifle until he gives in and everyone else to first run the Cooper's test until they're half-dead from exhaustion and then forcing Helga and Routalempi to do only night shifts. Can I join your club? Forum The Girl in Mourning Forum hmcs. The Ghost : Repomies' wife: this is mostly a relief to the audience, as she is often described as hideously ugly and to the misfortune of the other characters, she often ends up being shown naked on holiday slides due to Repomies' consistent inability.